Beekeeping in your community, by bicycle!

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Hive Building Party!

Bike·a·Bee would like to ask for your help assembling hive bodies! We have about 9 hives worth of equipment to put together using hammers and glue, and this is certainly something I could do on my own but… I thought this might be more fun :)

It will be happening during the evenings from the 19th until the 22nd.

Check out the event on Facebook, it has a place to RSVP as well as the address, details, and other goodies:

I am thinking I’m going to make some special 1” buttons for everyone who shows up. You’ll get two if you ride your bike!

Thanks for your consideration, and don’t forget your hammer!

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Before We Get to Work…

…We’d like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported getting Bike·a·Bee off the ground. This has been an amazing adventure so far, and we’re just getting started!

Also before we get to work I, Jana, am taking a trip down to Phoenix-ish to attend Winter Count, a “primitive technologies” skill share. I’m hoping to learn a lot of neat and useful things to add to my growing understanding of living without.

After Winter Count, I’m getting a ride to Blythe, CA where my trusty Peugeot PX-10 bicycle and I will ride ride to San Diego with a friend. It’s going to be about 500 miles, and pretty grueling once we get to the mountains. The best part, I learned, is that the desert flowers will be in bloom! Hopefully we’ll ride through Joshua Tree to experience them at their best. I’m also hoping we’ll see some native pollinators. What a treat that would be, huh!?

When I get back, refreshed and freckled, all of your Amazon Payments will have been processed and we’ll get to ordering all of our hive equiptment!

If you’d like to get in touch, email me or call. I won’t be able to respond to emails for long periods, but my phone will stay charged with my nifty solar charger :)

See you in a couple weeks!

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WE’RE FUNDED! What’s next?!

Thanks to all of the amazing support on Kickstarter and around the web I am pleased to say that Bike·a·Bee is FUNDED!


So what’s next? Well, any extra funds we raise will go towards growing an education program for city kids! We’ll be investing in more bee veils and putting funds towards educational collateral. So keep spreading the word, let’s make this thing benefit our communities even more!

There are a couple other things I wanted you all to check out, though. The Chicago Honey Co-op, my friends and mentors, are in need of funds to relocate their apiary on the west side. The property they set up on over 8 years ago was sold and they have to move in the spring. They need money for hauling the hives as well as fencing for the new location. The Chicagoist wrote an excellent article about it here.

Next Wednesday, January 25th, there will be a special “Valentine’s Day” wine tasting at Feast in Bucktown. ALL proceeds will benefit the Chicago Honey Co-op’s moving needs. It’s 7-9pm, and I’ll be there for certain. Won’t you be my Valentine?

Secondly, our friend Alex at The Plant still has his Kickstarter going to build an Urban Canopy on top of Chicago’s most awesome sustainable building project to date. I HIGHLY encourage you to back this. I met Alex a little over a week ago and already I want to be his best friend. He’s another great human with passion and vision, seeing the future potential for urban agriculture in uncommon places. PLUS, Bike·a·Bee is going to be keeping TWO hives up on their roof! I am thrilled.

So give my gals something to eat, we need his Urban Canopy to come alive! » Urban Canopy on Kickstarter, Twitter, and Facebook!

That’s all for now!

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In The News…

This has been a whirlwind past 11 days! It’s felt like a month from our end. Having a Kickstarter going is a full time job, AND we still have 20 more days to go!

In the mean time, I wanted to post up all of the press Bike·a·Bee has so far received, from the first article to the latest. These are some great resources with lots of information about what we’re going for, and the history behind it. Enjoy!


Grid Chicago - John Greenfield and I rode down to the hives I care for at Eden Place. It was a really fun trip and he got some great pictures.

The Greenhorns - These young farmers are my heroes. I am honored to be featured here.

Momentum - My favorite bicycle magazine featured us in their blog!

Cyclelicious - We got backed AND plugged by Cyclelicious! Stoked.

Huffington Post - We were featured in the Can They Kick It? section, featuring interesting Kickstarters from around Chicago. Joe called me up and had some really insightful questions to ask me. A great read!

Fork Over Friday - This was a fun little bit of press, a neat concept, too.

World Plates - A former co-worker from my old Crate and Barrel family, Amy. I love her blog, almost as much as I love her! What a treat!

Let’s Go Ride a Bike - I am a long time reader of this blog and Dottie and the LGRAB crew are now trailer sponsors! So honored.

Sundance Channel Blog - Someone tweeted this… I wasnt even aware of this one!

Grist - No words!

BikeSnobNYC - I’ve been reading BikeSnob for years now and I am so flattered to have my chicago accent made fun of in his Friday quiz ;)

Earth911 - We were featured as one of their top 5 eco-minded Kickstarter Campaigns!


That’s it for today, but I have another interview coming up tomorrow, as well as a couple more coming down the line that I can think of. Wow, this is an amazing ride. Thank you for your continued support!

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How I got the Idea for Bike-a-Bee

I got the idea for Bike-a-Bee when I spent some time in Eugene, OR beekeeping with Blessed Bee Apiary. There I learned to care for bees and process honey in the urban environment. One of the most unexpected aspects of my experience there was getting to be a part of the community at large. Philip the beekeeper had not just one bee yard (in his back yard), but over 13 throughout the city. One at an elementary school, one in a family’s back yard, one at a blueberrry patch, one at a woman’s permaculture farm… The list goes on. So although we spent the day checking on the hives and collecting honey frames, we did a lot of speaking with community members who loved having the hives and believed in being a part of urban agriculture and the world’s health.

I told Philip that when I got back to Chicago I would do something similar to what he does with his truck, except I’d do it on my bike with a trailer. I’m an avid year-round cyclist, and the prospect of owning a car isn’t appealing or fiscally possible. Thus the Bike-a-Bee project was born!